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Site Characterizations

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Case Study

Wood Treatment Facility
Manor, GA

The site is located near the Okefenokee Swamp in the Coastal Plain geologic province. Extensive subsurface investigations indicated the presence of creosote NAPL, PAHs, and pentachlorophenol associated with past
discharges in a surface impoundment. Contamination was observed in shallow and intermediate depth groundwater zones to depths of 55-65 where a clay aquitard was encountered.

Envirorisk offers a wide range of site characterizations that are tailored to specific property conditions. We perform site characterizations that will quickly and cost-effectively determine if your property meets regulatory standards or is impacted by environmental contamination.  We will also completely delineate the extent of the problem (if one exists) and estimate the cost if further remediation at the site is necessary.  Our site characterizations are used to meet different client objectives including property transfers, regulatory compliance, and litigation support.