Environmental Consulting

Envirorisk Consultants, Inc.

Clients Include:

Property Management Firms          Major Oil Companies          Chemical Manufacturer          Wood Treatment Plants
Petroleum Refineries          Pipeline Companies          Retail Petroleum Distributors          Dry Cleaners

Insurance Companies          Law Firms          Banks/Financial Institutions          Engineering and Consulting Firms

"Providing risk based environmental solutions from a business prospective"

Focused, Innovative Environmental Solutions

Envirorisk was formed in 1996 to provide focused, innovative environmental solutions from a business perspective. Our professionals listen carefully to our clients in order to clearly address their environmental issues and develop an appropriate "best fit" strategy for the property. To date, Envirorisk has completed over 1,000 environmental site assessments (ESAs) across the United States and hundreds of other types of assessments for a variety of industrial, commercial, and governmental clientele. Many of our assessments have been combined Phase I and II ESAs to expedite closure on a property. We provide fast solutions when problems are detected including modified underground storage tank assessments in lieu of Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) or non-hazardous site inventory (non-HSI) determinations.

In addition to environmental consulting services, Envirorisk has developed over time to provide specialty in-situ remediation services.
Our professionals are proficient in ISCO, ISCR, enhanced bioremediation, surfactant applications and soil blending techniques. Our professionals hold licenses in several states and stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and assessment best practices.  We are frequently asked to share our knowledge and experience at environmental seminars and conferences.