Environmental Consulting

Envirorisk Consultants, Inc.

Environmental Services

"Providing risk based environmental solutions from a business prospective"

Regulatory Investigations

When choosing a consultant for environmental services, consider the level of expertise.  Envirorisk has completed over 500 environmental projects that involved subsurface delineation, remediation, and other property investigations.  Envirorisk has performed environmental services at dry cleaners, gasoline facilities, wood treatment plants, landfills, brownfields, just to name a few. 

Our services include providing environmental regulatory investigations such as site characterizations, corrective action plans, and risk assessments.  We provide property transfer or third party liability investigations such as asbestos and lead surveys, Brownfield investigations and environmental compliance audits.

Because we stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, Envirorisk has evolved as a company that can effectively and efficiently obtain site closure for your property.  We look not only at the current conditions but are able to see the overall picture of how to reach our client's goals.  We look at alternatives to providing you the "best fit" for your property when it comes to assessments, remediation and monitoring.

Property Transfers/ Third Party Liability Investigations