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Corrective Action Plans

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Case Study

Former Gasoline UST Facility
Atlanta, GA

Envirorisk was contracted to remove the underground storage tanks and assist with Corrective Action Plan-Part A (CAP-A) preparation.  Soils consisted of micaceous silty sands and sandy silt saprolite with the water table ranging from 20 to 31 feet. The CAP-A was completed summarizing petroleum hydrocarbon contaminants, namely benzene, detected in shallow groundwater in and around the former tank pit.  The highest dissolved benzene/total BTEX concentration was 9,000/40,200 µg/L in area of the former tank pit.

Development of corrective action plans are required when investigating releases of chemical constituents.  Envirorisk conducts the field investigations, which include monitoring well installations, soil and groundwater sampling, and sensitive receptor locating, for preparation of corrective action plans.  In many cases facilities with low risk may qualify for a groundwater monitoring only plan approach along with an evaluation of natural attenuation.  In other cases, Envirorisk will evaluate partial reduction of the chemical constituent prior to recommending groundwater monitoring.  For moderate to higher risk facilities, we routinely perform groundwater modeling to evaluate the risk to sensitive receptors and develop a strategy to reach a No Further Action status.  If appropriate, we will review options for remediation at the facility.